What an Welcome Venue for Advancing the Dialogue

So elated to see the launch of this space that will encourage those like-minded folks who are passionate about advancing the conversation and agendas around women and girls globally… and what a befitting time to begin during Women’s History Month! I’m looking forward to engaging with all! :slight_smile:


Me too! What goals specifically are you passionate about advancing on behalf of women and girls?

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Hi Marni- As always education and economics is often the root of long-term, systemic issues, so I’d focus here. Similarly related, supporting girls/young women as relates to self-identity/imaging during adolescent years is worth a look as this is the foundation for future decisions. Providing academic support while in college as young women select majors and plan careers deserves some attention as it begins here. Interestingly, more women are enrolled in post-secondary institutions, yet the earnings gap exists. I’d love to explore why that is! Ford Foundation recently shared research that shows women as making up the majority of non-profit/philanthropic careers; I wonder is this by choice because women often don’t thrive in corporate America due to traditional barriers?