COVID-19 Thoughts

In difficult times like these, gratitude and hope can help folks stay grounded. We are so appreciative of the many women leaders who are redefining leadership, embracing their distinct perspectives that bring value to their work, and showing us what authentic leadership in a time of crisis looks like.

Women are on the frontlines, leading and innovating across all sectors of society, and planning for the long road of recovery and healing. COVID-19 has set off both a health and economic crisis and women are stepping up and tackling not only the challenge of today but also laying the groundwork for our reimagined shared prosperity and well-being with equity and justice at the center.

We’ve shared some leaders we admire , but what women in your life have and are showing up for you in times of crisis? Who can you count on and who inspires you?

Share your stories with us how you think the coronavirus is laying bare inequities and your hopes for a new normal that will arise.


Unfortunately women comprise only 18 of the 202 people on President Trump’s Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups.
Perhaps more women’s voices are needed to advise the President on when and how to re-open our economy.

Definitely! This seems to be a reflection of both our politics and our industry landscape. Which women would you like to see added to the advisory group? And what can we do during this crisis to work towards greater inclusion in the field in the long term?

I also wonder what is the racial diversity of the group. Given how the crisis is impacting different communities, it seems crucial for there to be diversity across different identities.

I wish it didn’t have to be an either/or choice, and that the federal response reflected the country’s diversity. But I’m encouraged by stories of women leading local efforts in the United States. A few examples spring to mind, and I’m sure there are countless more:

One way we can start to change the narrative around who is viewed as an expert or a leader is to highlight and share examples like these. I confess that I cringe at stories that focus too much on gender - the “girl boss” framing just reinforces the message that male is the default setting. But the more we share and raise the profile of the many, many women who are exemplary leaders, the easier it is to crush the myth that strong women leaders are somehow rare.

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